Legacy Leaders...

It's time to play BIG and create an action plan that works FOR you, not against you.

Let me share a story with you...

There is one person who made the single, most impactful impression on me that gave me direction, vision, and purpose.


The fashionable girl on the left... that's me. A young girl from a small Montana town, unsure about her future.

The guy with the aviator glasses, that's my big brother Joe. He was 18 years old at the time, and had just completed Air Force Training.

I remember my brother as a rebellious teen, somewhat of an outcast, and making bad decisions when he graduated High School. 

My brother was not the kind of person I looked up to until...the day he returned home after joining the Air Force. I immediately saw a man and was in awe.

Joe carried himself differently, he had a sense of pride in himself and what he represented.

From that day forward, at the age of 16, I knew I wanted to join the Air Force and do something completely different from my classmates, travel the world, have a career serving my country and follow in the footsteps of my big brother.

...and that's exactly what I did.


I joined the U.S. Air Force and served in multiple combat deployments around the world including Panama, Korea, Macedonia, Jordan, and Iraq. 

I served in the Gulf War, the War on Terror and the Iraq War. I was deployed to the Republic of Panama to aid Cuban refugees, Air Expeditionary Forces II in Shaheed Mwaffaq Air Base in Jordan, the Republic of Macedonia to help maintain peace between the National Liberation Army and the Macedonia Army after the Kosovo War, and Joint Balad Air Base in Iraq.

Deployments were rough.


Sometimes we didn’t know when we were going to be going home or, if we had a date, it was changed.


Our leaders kept us motivated and focused. We knew we had a job to do and other people counted on us. So, we focused on that.


Military leaders are trained to lead and inspire a team.

Whether it's from behind enemy lines or while on a mission that seemingly has no end in sight. 

They need to have the confidence that they can overcome any obstacle so those under their command never lose hope.

They know that in order to be successful, they need a strategy

They also know that every plan is fluid and will ultimately change with the dynamics of any given mission or battle scenario, requiring them to stay agile so they are prepared for anything that is thrown their way.

They understand the concept of a legacy and they know that their actions on a daily basis impact what type of legacy they leave behind.


After serving for over 20 years, I retired from the Air Force as a decorated U.S. Veteran. My final assignment was at the Air Force Personnel Center as Air Force Separations Branch Superintendent where I had the privilege of leading 35 dynamic team members.


It was truly one of the best and most self-actualizing positions within my Air Force career. I was named Outstanding Personnel Manager of the Year, competing against thousands of others in uniform.


Serving in the U.S. Air Force molded me into the business professional I am today. It gave me structure, discipline, high standards and expectations, integrity, respect for others, vision, goals, determination, physical readiness, mentorship, leadership, and knowledge that there is something bigger than myself, the opportunity to serve a cause—my country, an understanding that it takes a team of people working towards a common cause for extraordinary results, and so much more.

I knew I had to share this foundational knowledge and military leadership skillset with others in the business world. So, armed with an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, I transitioned into entrepreneurship, where I became a World Coaching Institute (WCI) Certified, Professional and Executive Coach, speaker, consultant, and corporate trainer.


I enjoy sharing my story and experiences with audiences around the world as a keynote speaker, and participate in programs to help veterans find employment when they leave the military.

  • ATHENA Leadership Award recipient

  • Business Woman of the Year recipient

  • Sparkling Gem Award recipient

I made it my mission to help business executives and owners with a meaningful and engaging experience that will empower them to take their next steps towards achieving greater levels of success, leadership, and personal growth—while being able to handle any challenge thrown their way by today's rapidly changing world.

This lead to the formation of the 360 Legacy Leadership Program.



A comprehensive, online group coaching and accountability program for executive leaders who are action-oriented and want proven, expert guidance to achieve sustainable leadership and personal transformation within their company and in themselves.

Every leader has an obligation to be the very best leader possible.

In today's business environment where work-life balance is more important than ever before—leaders need support not just during working hours but also personally outside of the workplace so they can maintain healthy lifestyles while being effective at their jobs. 

The 360 Legacy Leadership Program is designed to help leaders continually learn new techniques and refine their leadership skills over time. Whether you are feeling a bit lost after stepping up to a new position or after decades of experience you feel like you need to keep on top of your game and give yourself a competitive edge, this program is for you. Training and coaching is provided in a group environment, making it as accessible and affordable as possible.

Constant Leadership Development

After 21 years in the military, I can tell you that one thing you're always doing is learning. Constant leadership development is instilled in us from the moment we enter service. It's our responsibility to keep up with current training. We had to attend specific training classes in order to be promoted and work our way up the ranks of career advancement from airmen to senior non-commissioned officer and beyond.

In business, leadership development is always on-going too as you move up the corporate ladder from middle to senior management. Leaders need new skills and knowledge all of the time because change is constant. But that's not a bad thing because change is what drives us to be better and do more than we thought possible. Constant learning will give you a competitive edge.

The 360 Legacy Leadership Program is designed to help leaders learn new techniques and refine their leadership skills.

I'm excited about this program because it is designed with the leader in mind—no matter what stage of leadership you're at or where you might be working, the 360 Legacy Leadership Program will provide you with the tools, resources, and coaching to help you refine your leadership skills and keep you competitive now and into the future.

Military-Inspired Principals

The U.S. military operates on many of the same fundamental elements that make corporations successful. They are impressively effective - which is why so many CEOs have had a stint in the military before becoming corporate leaders themselves.

I bring these elements to business leaders in the civilian world, having coached hundreds of business executives, managers, and team members on leadership development.

By adapting the lessons learned in combat, I crafted the PRACTICAL Leader Framework, which is a set of nine key pillar principals that have been battle-tested in the trenches of business leadership.

I have been applying my military-inspired framework over the past decade with  executive clients around the world, and the results have been extraordinary.

The framework is a trusted, go-to resource for organizations that want to create high performing teams and individual leaders who can handle any challenge thrown their way by today's rapidly changing world.

It consists of nine key pillar principals that make for success in any environment:

  • Purpose (goals/vision/structure)

  • Resilience (discipline/determination)

  • Accountability (high expectations)

  • Conflict resolution

  • Trust (integrity/respect/mentorship)

  • Introspection

  • Communication

  • Adaptability (readiness)

  • Leverage (knowledge)


The more we all understand these principles—and how they work together to ensure success—the greater chance we, as legacy leaders, can make strategic decisions that enhance ourselves as individuals and our organization, while building strong communities with a sense of purpose.​

The P.R.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. Leader Framework™


Purpose: Identifying and establishing what matters most for us; this will help you to be more decisive. The clearer your sense of purpose, the clearer you will be on what is important and how to get there. A clear sense of purpose will also help you to make decisions faster and with more confidence. Personal confidence is powerful—stand taller, walk with intention, speak with purpose, and always hold your head up high. As a leader, it’s also important to realize that it’s not just about you anymore, and that makes you think and act differently. Set the tone for your team and make sure that they understand their specific purpose.

Resilience: Being resilient means being prepared for anything—and I mean anything! This includes problems with people, logistics, timelines or other external factors you might not have anticipated. No one knows what tomorrow brings—it could be something completely unexpected. You need to know how to respond, improvise and adapt. Soldiers learn early on that things don't always go according to plan, and they need to anticipate problems before they arise. It also entails knowing how and when to improvise so the plan doesn’t fall apart at a critical moment because of something outside your control. This skill translates into the ability as an entrepreneur or leader to adjust quickly while staying mindful of your goals. The key is to be able to respond promptly with an appropriate solution, bounce back from challenges, and maintain focus on the larger objectives and desired outcomes.

Accountability: People are always watching—your actions can impact a life in ways unimaginable. Holding yourself accountable for what you say, do, or don’t do, as well as knowing your responsibilities and who depends on you is critical as a leader. For each task we need to know exactly how much time is needed, what the next steps are, who needs to do them, and when they can start and stop doing the task. It's also about making sure that each member of the team knows what’s expected from them as well as recognizing when they need help—and asking for it from someone else (which isn't always easy).

Conflict Resolution: One of the most important aspects of leadership is resolving conflict—on both small and large scales; it could be anything from managing disagreements between team members to negotiating peace agreements with hostile nations! Conflict resolution requires patience, empathy, creativity, integrity, listening skills and problem solving abilities—and knowing who not to take advice from!

Trust: Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. It's about knowing you can count on someone else to do what they say, when they say it will be done and that their work quality is solid. You don't need to micromanage people with trust—just make sure everyone understands what’s expected from them (and give feedback if needed). As a leader, it's also important to trust and have faith in your own abilities, believing you'll succeed regardless of how difficult things may seem at times—because nothing worthwhile ever comes easy! It also involves staying calm under pressure; it's important to maintain a cool head in order to make sound decisions.

Introspection: This skill helps us stay grounded during tough times by reminding ourselves of our true values so we don’t lose sight of them when things get stressful. In the military, being self-aware is important because it helps soldiers know how far to push themselves and when they need to step back. It also helps us understand what we are and aren't willing to do. Self-awareness is challenging, but critical to master. It’s not about being perfect or knowing everything; it’s more about understanding our strengths and weaknesses so that we can create an action plan with short-, medium-, and long-term objectives to achieve those goals. The benefits of having this skill are endless: from managing stress levels, decision making skills, better relationships at work—it even impacts how we feel physically!

Communication: Solid communication skills are critical to success in both military leadership and entrepreneurship. Clear communication allows for more effective decision-making, better compliance with orders, and the ability to evaluate those orders against the company's goals and objectives. Clear communication should be one of your top priorities as a leader, regardless of the size of the organization: from small start-ups to large corporations or governments, the benefits of clear communication are the same.

Adaptability: Adaptable leaders can think outside-the-box and take risks where others might hesitate—it means being comfortable with change, constantly seeking new opportunities, and remaining open minded about ideas even if they seem unconventional.

Leverage: Leveraging the skills and interests of those around you can help an organization grow more quickly, make better decisions, and perform at a higher level. The ability to pull people together for one common goal can increase the efficiency of any organization, but it can also help people work together more comfortably. In the military, this is called a “task force”, a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds, with distinct skills and specialties who are brought in to support a particular mission. Similarly, business executives assemble group of individuals from different backgrounds for projects, considering their individual strengths needed to best execute the mission at hand.

Using these nine pillars as our core foundation, 360 Legacy Leadership™ members will explore how to become better leaders by learning how to lead themselves first, then their team, and finally their organization.​

Whether you need guidance, support, or strategy, the 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program is here to help you grow your thriving business by providing accountability, inspiration, and education.

👉  Do you want to create a thriving business but don't have enough support?


👉  Do you worry about making mistakes and getting stuck on the wrong path?

👉  Have you been looking for a group of driven, successful leaders just like you?


The 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program is perfect for business leaders who are looking at strategic growth in their businesses but need some help developing professional development skillsets to take them to the next level of success.


This program is custom tailored for CEOs, directors and C-Suite professionals, business owners, and solopreneurs seeking personal transformation within their company and in themselves. It's designed specifically for business leaders who need more than just positive encouragement... you need a strategic, actionable plan!

Each month, you'll be provided with expert guidance and action-oriented, skill-based training that you can apply for sustainable leadership and success across all areas of your life (we don't call it 360 for nothing!).


You'll learn how to be confidant and in charge, guide your people through change, harness the power of strategic leadership, break through challenges, manage stress, communicate more effectively, build strong teams, create healthy boundaries, develop new habits, and more - all in the company of like-minded professionals.

Our immersive twelve-month experience combines virtual learning and mentorship in a group setting where you’ll learn proven core competencies such as...

  • Team building

  • Organizational norms

  • Readiness levels

  • Change management

  • Insert more points here

  • Insert more points here

  • Insert more points here

  • Insert more points here

You DESERVE the best in life and we know that includes building a successful, thriving company that makes a BIG IMPACT in your community.


The 360 Legacy LeadershipProgram provides you with the tools needed to make it happen - all from the comfort of your own home or office. With my support, you can achieve next level success in your industry while still maintaining balance in your personal life.

In the Program, we'll work together on your business goals so you can reach them faster than ever before. And if you're not sure where to start with these goals or how best to achieve them - don't worry! We'll help guide you in the right direction. All you have to do is show up ready for change!

All of the resources and training materials are strategically organized to be easily accessible from your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone while on-the-go. Videos and articles can be enjoyed on-demand at your convenience.

All live, group coaching video calls are recorded so you get instant access to the replays if you're unable to attend a session.

When you join the 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program you commit to showing up in the following ways:

Monthly Skill-based Group Training

Engaging group sessions that provide unparalleled results for leaders who want to take their organizations from good...to great!

Learn with peers that are similarly motivated and geared up to take strategic action in their lives, careers and businesses. Recognize your talents, uncover the skills you need to get ahead, and learn how to deploy and execute on your goals.


Gain access to a resource library filled with eBooks, audio books, workbooks, checklists, online programs, challenges and motivational content to help you carve out your own unique learning path.


Feeling 'stuck' on a particular challenge? Open up the resource library and you'll find content to help you overcome your specific obstacle. 


Get involved and interact with other high-level achievers.

Show up to support your fellow leaders to celebrate victories, tap into the collective skillset of the group, and be inspired to take action.

360 Whole-Person Approach

The 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program is different from traditional group coaching programs because we take a holistic, whole person approach where we accelerate your personal and professional development causing a ripple effect between you, your business, and your community.

Surprise Bonuses

Gain access to extras which will be added frequently based on requests and suggestions. Be the voice to create change and improvements.

Join this amazing community and achieve unbelievable results.

Live your legacy. Be a leader of one.

Actions always speak louder than words. The actions and decisions you make on a daily basis impact the legacy that you are living and leaving behind.

What type of legacy do you want to live? Join the 360 Legacy Leadership Program and take your leadership skillset to a whole new level.


Jaide Flynn

“Lisa Marie's Executive Presence speech has changed my life!  I now own my presence as a strong, classy, stylish, confident woman.  Instead of eyes rolling, they are now taking notice.”


Selma Johnson

“Lisa Marie does it all, she will motivate, encourage, empower you, your business, and your team.  She inspires you to say 'I can do this' and take your leadership to the next level.”


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“Lisa Marie shared how carrying yourself in a bold way leads to success.  A positive presence cannot be taken for granted.  The advice was helpful for me as a business owner and for my daughter in high school.”

- Erin McEndree -

Live your legacy. Be a leader of one.

Actions always speak louder than words. The actions and decisions you make on a daily basis impact the legacy you leave.

What type of legacy do you want to leave behind? Join the 360 Legacy Leadership Program and take your leadership skillset to a whole new level.