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Lisa Marie Graves has decades of experience helping professionals at all levels take the next step in their businesses, identify and target opportunities, and chart a rewarding career path that achieves specific goals.


She is the founder of Lisa Marie Graves Legacy Coaching, a company that provides powerful resources for decision makers, owners, entrepreneurs and employees. She is a World Coaching Institute Certified Coach, Professional Coach and Executive Coach. A leadership expert, Lisa empowers businesspeople to focus, set goals, overcome obstacles and achieve more than they believed possible.

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“The U.S. military operates on the same fundamental elements that make corporations successful. I bring those elements to business leaders in the civilian world. They are impressively effective.”

She is the host of the annual men’s and women’s Legacy Conferences that deliver cutting-edge professional training for business leaders.

Lisa Marie provides customized corporate training for businesses of all sizes to help them recruit and retain their most valuable resource – their employees. She empowers owners and managers with leadership training that maximizes the potential of their subordinates and produces a return on their investment in human resources.


She brings customized cutting-edge skills training to organizations that want to create a culture in which employees and managers work together to improve efficiency, excel in customer satisfaction and increase their market share.

An accomplished speaker, Lisa Marie engages audiences with her warm personality and insight. She tailors speeches to the needs of the group, giving actionable takeaways audiences can put to use right away.

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Lisa Marie began her career in the U.S. Air Force, where she specialized in helping service personnel succeed in their career paths. She retired from the military after 21 years and, armed with an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, she began helping civilian business men and women structure their careers in a purposeful, strategic way to achieve their goals.  

“I started Lisa Marie Graves Legacy Coaching when I realized small business owners didn’t have access to the type of meaningful quality training available to large corporations. I am dedicated to providing those opportunities to everyone, regardless of the size of their business.”

As a decorated veteran with a stellar record in the civilian business world, Lisa Marie often is the “you can do it” example of success after the uniform. She participates in programs to help veterans find employment when they leave the military.


In 2003, she was named Outstanding Personnel Manager of the Year, competing against thousands of others in uniform. She served in the Gulf War, the War on Terror and the Iraq War. She deployed to the Republic of Panama to aid Cuban refugees, to Air Expeditionary Forces II in Shaheed Mwaffaq Air Base in Jordan; the Republic of Macedonia to help maintain peace between the National Liberation Army and the Macedonia Army after the Kosovo War and Joint Balad Air Base in Iraq.


Lisa Marie founded Lisa Marie Graves Legacy Coaching in 2013.


Lisa Marie and Michael, her husband of 20-plus years, are parents of two daughters and live in Weatherford, Texas.


Lisa Marie is a decorated U.S. Veteran, holds an MBA and was awarded the Athena Leadership Award, Business Woman of the Year, and the Sparkling Gem Award. 


She embraces opportunities to continue to serve her country,

business and civic communities.

Jaide Flynn

“Lisa Marie's Executive Presence speech has changed my life!  I now own my presence as a strong, classy, stylish, confident woman.  Instead of eyes rolling, they are now taking notice.”


Selma Johnson

“Lisa Marie does it all, she will motivate, encourage, empower you, your business, and your team.  She inspires you to say 'I can do this' and take your leadership to the next level.”


Erin McEndree.jpg

“Lisa Marie shared how carrying yourself in a bold way leads to success.  A positive presence cannot be taken for granted.  The advice was helpful for me as a business owner and for my daughter in high school.”

- Erin McEndree -

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