Corporate Legacy Leaders


2nd Year
Andrew Kimbrell
Swagger Bags


4th Year
Jim Pullum & Guy Smith

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2nd Year
Toby Taylor

Exemplary Legacy Leaders

4th Year
Adam Feriend & Jordan Jones


3rd Year
Mike Pierce

4th Year
Mike Smith

Hutton Financial logo.jpg

3rd Year
Paul Hutton

Legacy tree and landscape.png

2nd Year
Dylan Day


2nd Year
Kim Fuller

Christian Brothers Automotive.png

1st Year
Scott Stidd

Executive Legacy Leaders

4th Year
Doyle Moss

Chuck the Credit Card Guy.jpg

4th Year
Chuck Mooney

Camp Luce.png

3rd Year
Lynn Mills


3rd Year
Mike Skaggs

Kleven Chiropratic.jpg

3rd Year
Joel Kleven

EZ Electricity_outline_2018.png

2nd Year
Mike Brasovan

Paschall Insurance.jpg

3rd Year
Paul Paschall

Blue Ridge Signs.jpg

2nd Year
Scott Alley

Metrogeek logoblack tm 1.0.png

2nd Year
Jack Parsons

Legacy Swagger Bags

Knight Propane

Legacy Gift Donation

Legacy Coaching
Pulliam Pools
Fire Oak Grill
Parker County Brewery
Christian Brothers
Verizon - Hudson Oaks
Squaw Creek Golf Course
Blue Ridge Signs
Mike's Westside Rental