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Without a clear vision, even the most gifted leaders get stuck. Get clear on your goals. Define your success.


Leaders & Managers

Equip leaders and managers

to make better people.


With the right plan and the right coach, you can go higher— faster — than you ever believed possible.

Become a better leader today.

The foundation of Effective leadership will teach you everything you need to know to become the most effective leader in our business.  This course covers the vital skills and tactics for strategic, yet human-centric people management.


Become a better leader today.

The foundation of Effective leadership will teach you everything you need to know to become the most effective leader in our business.  This course covers the vital skills and tactics for strategic, yet human-centric people management.



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Identify your target.

What does success mean for you?  Having thousands of followers on social media?  Hitting a specific sales target? Getting promoted? Increasing profits? Being known as the most sought‑after expert in your field?  Leading a team and accomplishing the goal?
Knowing what you are aiming for is half the battle, Lisa Marie will help you zero in on your target.

Create a strategic, customized plan.

When you dream big, sometimes it can feel overwhelming.  Doubt begins to creep in.  Your goals seem so far off you don’t even know how to get started. Lisa Marie will break down your goals into manageable, achievable tasks and craft a step‑by‑step action plan that will take you from vision to success.

Execute and achieve more than you thought possible.

With each step you take in your personalized action plan, you will gain momentum, increase your confidence, attract your ideal clients, and build a thriving business.  Lisa Marie will help you stay on track to reach - and exceed - your goals.

Got a Question?

Sharon Batts

“Lisa Marie has a gift for helping you see business opportunities and creating a practical plan.  She is honest, objective and gives a constructive evaluation of your business.  By following her advice and pushing me to excellence, my business has increased by more than 75%.”

- Sharon Batts -

Image Consultant

Pat Deen

“Lisa Marie was instrumental in my winning the election as my social media consultant and marketing coach.  Her insight laid the foundation to my campaign.  I strongly recommend her services to achieveing superior and proven results.”

- Pat Deen -

Parker County Judge

Don Armstrong

“A standout coaching consultant!  Lisa Marie listened intently to my specific needs, developed a plan and immediately got into action.  She is engaging, personable, and always looking for the best way to support my efforts.  Lisa Marie is the go-to business coach”

- Don Armstrong -

Speaker, Author & Survivor

Meet Lisa Marie Graves

Air Force | MBA | Business Owner

Certified Professional Coach | Executive Coach

I  believe that each person has true greatness within them.  I can see their success and their vision a reality.  That’s why I love to work with business professionals who aren't satisfied with the status quo and want more — to have more impact, more achievement, more success.  


Throughout my decorated career in the U.S. Air Force, earning my MBA, and becoming a business owner myself,  I've learned to adapt to change and think strategically in order to thrive in each new setting.  Determination, focus, and perseverance have been my guiding characteristics, and now these traits serve my clients as we work together to chart their path to success.

I believe that every person has the potential and ability to accomplish anything they set their mind to. It is a privilege to use my training and education to build leaders who will benefit not only themselves but their communities and beyond.  Business owners are the backbone of our country.



One-on-One coaching

One-on-one coaching clients receive customized strategic plans that map out how they can achieve their goals, remove roadblocks and achieve the next level in their successful career.


Lisa Marie hosts webinars and workshops designed to bring like‑ minded, achievement‑ oriented people together for practical learning, intentional networking, and inspiration.

professional Group Coaching

Master Professionals and Young Professionals group coaching classes offer a full year of focus, accomplishment and strategic success. Each group is limited to 10 leaders who are powerfully motivated to exceed their present level in their profession.


The annual Women’s and Men’s Legacy Conferences provide essential professional education for business leaders who want to stay at the top of their game and maximize their profitability. 


Drawing on her career in the U.S. Air Force and her experience as a business owner and coach, Lisa Marie is an inspiring, motivating speaker for corporate events, networking organizations, and workshops.


Check out Lisa Marie’s collection of inspirational shirts and custom productivity tool that she uses every day to keep her priorities clear and on

track to accomplish goals. 


These are free or inexpensive tools that are ideal for small business owners with small marketing budgets. They are easy to use and manage. I am an affiliate with some of these products, but I personally use them myself and would recommend them to you with or without an affiliate link.


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