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It's time to play BIG and create an action plan that works FOR you, not against you.

About Lisa Marie


Lisa Marie Graves has decades of experience helping professionals at all levels take the next step in their businesses, identify and target opportunities, and chart a rewarding career path that achieves specific goals.


She is a World Coaching Institute Certified Coach, Professional Coach and Executive Coach. 

Air Force points...

The U.S. military operates on the same fundamental elements that make corporations successful. I bring those elements to business leaders in the civilian world. They are impressively effective.

Lisa Marie began her career in the U.S. Air Force, where she specialized in helping service personnel succeed in their career paths. She retired from the military after 21 years and, armed with an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, she began helping civilian business men and women structure their careers in a purposeful, strategic way to achieve their goals.  

I started the 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program when I realized small business owners didn’t have access to the type of meaningful quality training available to large corporations. I am dedicated to providing those opportunities to everyone, regardless of the size of their business.

As a decorated veteran with a stellar record in the civilian business world, Lisa Marie often is the “you can do it” example of success after the uniform. She participates in programs to help veterans find employment when they leave the military.


In 2003, she was named Outstanding Personnel Manager of the Year, competing against thousands of others in uniform. She served in the Gulf War, the War on Terror and the Iraq War. She deployed to the Republic of Panama to aid Cuban refugees, to Air Expeditionary Forces II in Shaheed Mwaffaq Air Base in Jordan; the Republic of Macedonia to help maintain peace between the National Liberation Army and the Macedonia Army after the Kosovo War and Joint Balad Air Base in Iraq.


  • 21 years of military experience

  • constant leadership development: you had to attend certain trainings in order to get promoted. Airman leadership school. Need to do training to get to the next leadership level to supervise others. 

  • Similarly to the business world where you need the skills and training to progress up the corporate ladder to middle management and senior management, the U.S. military has different levels of career advancement from airmen to a senior non-commissioned officer.

The 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program is designed to help leaders learn new techniques and refine their leadership skills.

Whether you are feeling a bit lost after stepping up to a new position or after decades of experience you feel like you need to keep on top of your game....

Constant learning will give you a competitive edge.

  • The military tiers comparative to  middle management, senior management, ...

  • It's a great way to level up your leadership skills.

  • Management programs are 

  • enstilled these foundational principals

  • success was not just based on professional growth (whole person approach)

  • what inspired this was that LM found that some of the struggles that business leaders experienced were things that were missing that the military constantly provided to their members

360 points...

Every leader has an obligation to be the very best leader possible.

Professional leaders of today and tomorrow must accept responsibility for their actions, hold others accountable, and take appropriate measures for increased success.

Live your legacy.

Your actions on a daily basis impact the legacy you leave.

We help people understand their 'why' in life and how they can live it out through leadership.


Our goal is to provide a group for people to be able to make decisions about what type of legacy they want to leave behind.

Actions speaking louder than words.

People are always watching your actions and decisions you make.

Be a leader of one. You might not have people underneath you, but you're being a leader of yourself, and can inspire others by your actions.

  • 'Whole person' approach:

    • Not just professional goals, also:

    • Family

    • Health

    • Spiritual

    • Home

    • Community

    • Social / Fun

  • ‘Ripple’ effect - Looking at the bigger picture and how your life as a whole impacts  everything you touch

    • What are you doing to advance your personal skillset?

    • What are you doing to ensure your organization thrives?

    • What are you doing to impact your community?

Everyone has goals, and whether they are big or small, professional or personal, they are important to YOU.


Accomplishing your goals can be challenging without a strategy and without having the right tools. Getting what you want takes persistence and drive. You need to be ready to take risks and not give up when things get hard. But sometimes the commitment and encouragement of others can help you find the way.



An online group coaching and accountability program for executive leaders who are action-oriented and want proven, expert guidance to achieve sustainable leadership and personal transformation within their company and in themselves.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for goals. Every goal is unique, and that's why we built the 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program.

Whether you need guidance, support, or strategy, the 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program is here to help you grow your thriving business by providing accountability, inspiration, and education.

👉  Do you want to create a thriving business but don't have enough support?


👉  Do you worry about making mistakes and getting stuck on the wrong path?

👉  Have you been looking for a group of driven, successful leaders just like you?


The 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program is perfect for business leaders who are looking at strategic growth in their businesses but need some help developing professional development skillsets to take them to the next level of success.


This program is custom tailored for CEOs, directors and C-Suite professionals seeking personal transformation within their company and in themselves. It's designed specifically for business leaders who need more than just positive encouragement... you need a strategic, actionable plan!

Each month, you'll be provided with expert guidance and action-oriented, skill-based training that you can apply for sustainable leadership and success across all areas of your life (we don't call it 360 for nothing!).


You'll learn how to be confidant and in charge, guide your people through change, harness the power of strategic leadership, break through challenges, manage stress, communicate more effectively, build strong teams, create healthy boundaries, develop new habits, and more - all in the company of like-minded professionals.

Our immersive twelve-month experience combines virtual learning and mentorship in a group setting where you’ll learn proven core competencies such as...

  • Team building

  • Organizational norms

  • Readiness levels

  • Change management

  • Team building

  • Organizational norms

  • Readiness levels

  • Change management

You DESERVE the best in life and we know that includes building a successful, thriving company that makes a BIG IMPACT in your community.


Lisa Marie Graves provides you with the tools needed to make it happen - all from the comfort of your own home or office. With her support, you can achieve next level success in your industry while still maintaining balance in your personal life.

In the 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program, we'll work together on your business goals so you can reach them faster than ever before. And if you're not sure where to start with these goals or how best to achieve them - don't worry! We'll help guide you in the right direction. All you have to do is show up ready for change!

All of the resources and training materials are strategically organized to be easily accessible from your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone while on-the-go. Videos and articles can be enjoyed on-demand at your convenience.

All live, group coaching video calls are recorded so you get instant access to the replays if you're unable to attend a session.

When you join the 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program you commit to showing up in the following ways:

Monthly Skill-based Group Training

Engaging group sessions that provide unparalleled results for leaders who want to take their organizations from good...to great!

Learn with peers that are similarly motivated and geared up to take strategic action in their lives, careers and businesses. Recognize your talents, uncover the skills you need to get ahead, and learn how to deploy and execute on your goals.


Gain access to a resource library filled with eBooks, audio books, workbooks, checklists, online programs, challenges and motivational content to help you carve out your own unique learning path.


Feeling 'stuck' on a particular challenge? Open up the resource library and you'll find content to help you overcome your specific obstacle. 


Get involved and interact with other high-level achievers.

Show up to support your fellow leaders to celebrate victories, tap into the collective skillset of the group, and be inspired to take action.

360 Whole-Person Approach

The 360 Legacy Leadership™ Program is different from traditional group coaching programs because we take a holistic, whole person approach where we accelerate your personal and professional development causing a ripple effect between you, your business, and your community.

Surprise Bonuses

Gain access to extras which will be added frequently based on requests and suggestions. Be the voice to create change and improvements.

Join this amazing community and achieve unbelievable results.