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Human Resources Services

Help managing your most valuable resource: people

Small businesses need local resources consistent with those available to big corporations in order to build a strong foundation.


Lisa Marie Graves offers human resources solutions that give small businesses the same structured processes that corporate companies rely on.

The Basic Four Every Company Should Have

Organizational Design

The framework to align strategy, structure, people, and procedures to meet business objectives.  It improves communication, increases productivity, and inspires innovation.


Job Descriptions

Ensure staff duties align with the company vision. Define job standards, identify essential functions, and clarify the scope of responsibilities.  They are the foundation for many important processes.


Employee Handbook

The one document all new employees should receive immediately. Everything an employee needs to know to get started at your company. Point of reference throughout employment.


Performance Management

A performance management system is strategic to attract and keep key employees. Assess employee's work, identify strengths and weaknesses, offer feedback, and set goals.

Human resources documents play an essential role in successful business development.
  • Consider the small business that has no employee handbook and, consequently, no dress code. It’s created a problem that didn’t have to exist.
  • Or the business that had no organizational design. Without clearly defined roles and managers, employees report to more than one manager – with mounting frustrations on both sides.
  • Or the business that consistently loses top employees because their performance review process doesn’t set clear goals or provide for employee feedback.

Advantages of Outsourcing

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Save Time

Save managers' time by

providing reliable, easy-to-use

human resources documents.  


Save Money

Save money by not having to have

a department dedicated

to human resources


Save Energy

Focus on what matters most, company profits and other core business activities

Lisa Marie Graves provides practical, easy-to-use documents that avoid pitfalls in employee management. Employers value her decades of experience in managing human resources and personnel.

Her guidance provides a solid foundation for your organization that marks a stable, secure business.

It's never been easier to take care of your personnel needs.