Build a Better Year

Make your company grow in 2020 by incorporating a new idea that is proven to be successful by small businesses. Here are some possibilities you should consider:

Add a chatbot to your website. A chatbot is a window that pops up when someone lands on your website. Visitors can ask questions and get answers right then and there. The convenience for visitors is undeniable. It’s a great way for you to More … dive into incorporating artificial intelligence in your business and moving potential customers quickly through the sales funnel. Think of it as having an employee working 24/7/365 to get your customers answers right away.

Leverage reviews to grow your business. Buyers increasingly are referring to reviews when making purchasing decisions. Reviews can cement the decision to purchase or kill it dead, depending upon what reviewers write. Buyers feel more comfortable purchasing products others have tried and favorably reviewed. The perception is reviews are unbiased and, therefore, more reliable. Use this to expand your marketing budget – and make you more competitive – by claiming your business’ free listings on review sites. Businesses that claim their free listings on at least four review sites in 2019 earned 36 percent more revenue than average.

Consider incorporating gig workers. Companies are hiring independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees because it’s less expensive and gives them access to skill sets they need only occasionally. The growing gig economy accounts for as much as a third of the working population and experts expect this number to rise. If you need temporary, part-time or specialized help, consider hiring someone who works remotely.

Adopt voice search on your website. This new technology allows users to browse the web by speaking into a device, rather than typing a search query. Voice search works well with location-based content, for example. You will be ahead of the competition if you optimize your site for voice search now.


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