Introduce Yourself with Confidence and Polish

How you introduce yourself to other business people influences the perceptions of others. And it influences how you feel about yourself.

Introduce yourself well and others perceive you as confident in your profession, worth listening to and worthy of respect.

Introduce yourself poorly and people will tune out and look for someone else to talk to. Even worse, you will feel awkward, lose your confidence, revert back to socializing with people you are familiar with and never want to attend an event again. You will miss out on the opportunity of meeting new people and potentially gaining new business.

You can be confident and polished when introducing yourself by following these tips:

  1. Identify your purpose in attending the event. Ask yourself why you are attending the event. What do you want to get from it? What type of person do you want to connect with? Do you have a product or service that would benefit the people who will be attending? Your actions will be dictated by a strong reason to attend.

  2. Introductions normally start with an exchange of names. Follow up your name with three pieces of information: what you do, who your target market is and how you help them. For example: I am Lisa Marie Graves. I am a business coach. I help business people make money and achieve more in their careers.

  3. Practice your introduction while you drive to the event.

  4. When you introduce yourself, smile, look people in the eye and give a solid handshake.

  5. Remember to exchange business cards. Get to know the people you meet. Make notes on the back of the cards people give you for reference when you follow up.

Take the time to think through your purpose in attending the event, plan what you want to say and practice your introduction. Time is money. Make the most of every opportunity.

If you need help in creating a polished, professional introduction, invest in yourself and schedule a call so I can help you create that foundation for success.


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