Three Solutions Increase Productivity

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

In a time when professionals are doing so much, working overtime, sacrificing family or themselves, how is it possible to get things done more quickly so you can actually leave work when planned and enjoy time with family?

Three solutions to accomplish more, increase focus and take back your life!

  1. Don't let others sabotage your time. If people ask if you have a minute to talk, tell you only have 5 minutes (or however many minutes you have to spare) for them then, but you would have more time later. Give them a day and time. This will let you get to your task quickly and let them know your focus is solely on them during the minutes allotted.

  2. Optimize your peak time. Understand what the most productive time of the day is for YOU. Is it in the morning? Afternoons? How long do you maintain that peak? What factors impact your peak time? Food? Sleep? Utilize this time for your most important tasks or tasks that require creative thinking.

  3. Learn how to say no. Be true to your priorities, values, and goals. Next time you're asked to do something, start with "No" and make it work its way to a "Yes." Is this request in line with your goals, values, and priorities? If yes, then decide what you will be sacrificing by agreeing. When you say yes to one thing, you're saying no to another.


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