Strategic Partnerships One-Page Business Bio

Brief description of my company: I help business leaders increase profits through coaching, leadership development, training, and marketing. I provide continuous corporation-level professional development and training for small businesses.

Best customers fall into one of three categories:

Starting a Business: People over the age of 35 who are ready to be their own boss, want to pursue their passion, are dissatisfied with their current position, or who have retired from their previous career and aren’t ready to stop working. Usually starting a business from home. I help them

  • Clarify the idea and turn it into a business

  • Define target market, pricing, messaging

  • Identify where and how to network, create strategic partners

Growing a Business: Independent or small business owners with fewer than 20 employees. I help them

  • Increase cash flow

  • Increase and retain customers

  • Plan and manage marketing

  • Establish foundational HR documentation and procedures

Leading a Business: Senior or established businesspeople. I help them

  • Hone their leadership skills

  • Develop talent in their employees

  • Evaluate whether they are on-mission and achieving their goals

  • Establish foundational HR documentation and procedures


Some of my clients:

  • Civic leaders, political candidates, realtors, wealth advisors, non-profits, marketing/sales, health/beauty, direct sales, photographers, trainers, consultants

  • Company owners: commercial construction, franchise owners, insurance agencies, real estate brokers/property management, retail, travel, communications, medical, banking, restaurants, service companies, trade businesses.


Businesses that are strategic partners for me:

1. Financial Industries: accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, payroll services, financial advisors, merchant services, commercial banking

2. Business Services: commercial insurance, website design, graphic design, sign companies, IT, public relations, promotional products, office supplies/machines, printers, photography, marketing, social media/advertising, video production, catering, event planning, image consulting, business law firms

Valuable Resources that could be helpful to me:

1. Professional Organizations: realtor, trade and HR associations; civic organizations; chambers of commerce; women’s business groups, networking groups


New Doors I would like to open:

1. Business owners who feel frustrated by or incomplete in their roles as business leaders

2. Companies that need a facilitator for a team-building or strategy retreat for a small group



Retired Air Force Senior Master Seargent (E8), served 21 years

Masters of Business Administration

Bachelors of Human Resources

Certified Coach

Certified Professional Coach

Certified Executive Coach

Everything DiSC Certified

Athena Leadership Award recipient

Business Woman of the Year


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